Snapchat Teams Up with Amazon for In-App Shopping

Amazon cooking up something cool with Snapchat! You know those shopping ads? Well, Amazon’s decided to run them on Snapchat now. That means while you’re flipping through your friends’ stories on Snapchat, you might bump into ads for some Amazon goodies.

No More Leaving the App

Here’s the best part—Amazon’s ads on Snapchat won’t kick you out of the app. Nope, you can shop and even buy stuff without ever leaving Snapchat. It’s like a one-stop shop inside the app!

Amazon’s Take on It

According to an Amazon spokesperson who spilled the beans to CNN, this is a big deal. They’re all excited because now people can see prices, check if stuff’s Prime eligible, know when it’ll arrive, and get all the nitty-gritty details about products right there on Snapchat. But hey, it’s not all products—only some of the ones sold by Amazon or its buddies.

Snapchat Ads 101

Just in case you’re wondering how Snapchat ads work, it’s when you’re tapping through your friends’ stories—those videos or pics that hang around for 24 hours. That’s when these ads pop up and show you cool stuff you might wanna buy.

The Deal Deets

Amazon’s keeping their lips sealed about how long they’ve been cooking up this deal with Snapchat or how much Snapchat gets from the in-app sales. And you know what? Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, ain’t saying a word about this partnership either.

Social Media and Shopping, a Budding Romance

It’s not just Snapchat and Amazon getting cozy. Instagram and TikTok have their own little shopping corners where you can buy stuff right in the app. Lots of brands are all about advertising their goodies to the millions hanging out on social media.

What It Means for Snapchat

This deal’s a biggie for Snapchat. They’ve been growing fast—over 400 million people are tapping into Snapchat every single day. But here’s the thing: their ad business wasn’t growing as fast. So, this Amazon hookup might just help them level up in the in-app shopping game, giving Instagram a run for its money.

Snap’s Rebound

Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, had a bit of a bounce in their step after this Amazon news. Their shares shot up by 7% after this announcement. Looks like investors are liking this collaboration!

Amazon’s Love Triangle

Oh, and this ain’t the only fling Amazon’s having. Last week, they also announced something similar with Facebook and Instagram, which are under the umbrella of Meta. Looks like Amazon’s spreading the shopping love all over social media!

The Wrap-Up

So, Amazon’s shopping ads are sliding into Snapchat, making it super easy to shop while you’re just chilling on the app. This could be a game-changer for Snapchat, boosting their shopping scene and giving Instagram a bit of competition. And hey, Snap’s stocks shot up after this news—seems like investors are pumped about this partnership! Looks like shopping just got even more social.